Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Easter Eggs, Rollicking Roadsters (Part 1), and Tom Sawyer Island

Hello, everyone!

Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters (in the Rain)

First, we had a little weather snafu.  Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters was closed most of its first official day of operation due to the rain, thunder and lightning.  The lovely cast member I spoke to said if the thunder an lightning came back, any attractions outdoors would have to be closed down anyway.  So, I went to catch the opening of the attraction, instead I have a few shots.  But never fear! I will attempt another trip soon to truly experience the new attraction for you all.

Just a small tip, don't shrink from a trip to the parks because of the weather.  As long as you're prepared for it, you can have a lovely day.  Just make sure you're bundled up, and understand fireworks and parades could potentially be cancelled, but it can really be a memorable day.

The interesting thing about Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters is that it debuts a technology new to the US theme parks, wireless guidance.  This particular vehicle mechanism is currently in use at Tokyo Disneyland in Pooh's Hunny Hunt.  

While I'm glad for a new attraction, I can't help but miss Luigi's Flying Tires, though I appear to be in the minority on this.  Sure, the vehicles didn't move all that easily, but it certainly a hoot to try.  Kudos to John Lasseter for taking the opportunity to bring back the Flying Saucers, at least for a little while. 

Easter time is Here

I managed to get through 2 of the 4 Easter Egg hunts the Disneyland Resort has to offer this year, doubling last year's number, and bringing the hunts to Downtown Disney and the Resort Hotels.

A couple tips for those planning to venture out.
  • When in doubt, LOOK UP.
  • There are often Cast Members around who will help you out, especially if they see you pacing around a particular area, like one of the Disneyland Cats. 
  • You are free to immediately redeem your egg hunt map for your character egg when you buy the map (efficient idea.  AND they let you pick your own this year instead of randomly choosing for you), but don't lose your stickers.  Even if you already got your egg, not completing your map will make you sad....if you are a completist like me. (Yeah, OK, I lost my stickers.) 
  • Take a good look at the clues before you go, you could easily plan your route around the clues, because hunting around the parks all day can be murder on your feet! 

Tom Sawyer Island Update

Now, for a mini scoop. I was passing by Tom Sawyer Island to get a look at any progress, and spotted a couple of cast members working on a set of stairs on the island.

What kind of work they were doing specifically, I'm really not sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if Disney wasn't taking the downtime to check on certain aspects of the island (and the ADA requirements as well).  Only time will tell......

Misc.  (requests to the Disney Company)

OK, one last thing.  Disney, PLEASE change these World of Color banners already.  They've been up since World of Color opened and they're so faded.  You really didn't make banners for the Diamond Celebration World of Color show?

Also, these GREAT banners you have up at the Hungry Bear...sell them as lithographs! Really! Take my money!

And with that, I wish you all a good week! Fred will be on for a Frolic this Friday, as usual.  The next few weeks are going to be an interesting mix of a visit to another park (oh, a teaser!) as well as a new edition of "Kanine Krunchies" as well as my first product review segment titled, "Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty".

Stay Tuned, Mouseketeers!

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