Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kanine Krunchies go High End- Steakhouse 55

Hello, Everyone! Happy April!

I'm so sorry for neglecting my duties of late.  I had to get my laptop fixed (finally) and that held up a few new entries.  Also, I have a little announcement.  The Shadow of the Mouse Blog is going to be a little slow for the next few months.  I have come upon a nice temp job for the summer.  Which is good news for all of us because A. I don't have to brave the crowds for the summer and B. I will be in a better place to cover my favorite time of year, the holidays!  I will do my best to keep the blog going and try out a few new segments I haven't gotten to yet (including a belated review of Zootopia). However, this means I won't be able to cover the DCA Food & Wine Festival, as I was hoping to, as my job will require me to work most, if not all, weekends.

But in the meantime, I have the cream of the crop in dining reviews for you. So, let's start Movin' Right Along!

Just for everyone's information, the OC Register has an annual Restaurant Week.  The paper partners with different Orange County restaurants presenting special deals so you can sample all there is to offer across the diverse County.  So, when you hear about it, keep an eye out because Steakhouse 55 was on it this and last year.  It's a good opportunity to enjoy a more expensive meal without having to pay the high price.  That being said, it was $50 per person (This segment sponsored by my mother.  Hi Mom!), alcoholic drinks not included.

Now, being that it is a special deal, it isn't the full menu, but it's enough of a sample that I think most people would be satisfied. 

Of course, you get bread.  For those who say, "don't fill up on bread", you're going to have a problem here.  It was gorgeously fresh and served just beautifully, as you can see.  

Other than the "old Hollywood/Walt-centric" decor, my other favorite touch from Steakhouse 55 was the "Disney's Family of Wines".  These are wines from vineyards somehow connected to the Disney company, including Fess Parker (a personal favorite of the author 😉), Silverado Wines (owned by the late Diane Disney Miller and her husband and former Chairman, Ron), MacMurray Estate (Absent Minded Professor Fred MacMurray) and Kurt Russell's GoGi wines.  

Mr. Russell was recently added to the roster of celebrities coming to the DCA Food & Wine Festival.  Just a side note, but his continued connection to the company has always really warmed my heart.  I was lucky to have him as the narrator for the Christmas Candlelight Processional a few years ago (on Walt's birthday, which he acknowledged).  While Disney stars of recent decades almost stereotypically shun their roots, Kurt has proudly displayed his while surging forward into a varied career.  I know it's off topic, but commitment like that should be acknowledged. 


I had the Onion Soup au Gratin, prettily presented here. It was a little sweeter than I'm accustomed to, just a fair warning for the Onion Soup lovers out there. But the wide lip of the bowl does help wrangle the Gruyere cheese nicely! 

The other option was the "Wedge" Salad with an nice bleu cheese vinaigrette. It wasn't a typical salad, but a nice grown up mix. 

Main Course

I went for the filet mignon (because why not?).  And it was a perfect, beautiful, delectable piece of meat.  With the shockingly square pad of potatoes au gratin, was a GREAT meal. Nothing like potatoes trying to be a brownie.....

And in the interest of research, I tried my mother's prime rib.  Also, a very nice piece of meat. 

If you love someone who loves meat, THIS is where you should take them for their birthday....I mean, if you love them.  If you don't, taunt them! Go on your own and send them pictures.  Rub it in their faces.  That is how good Steakhouse 55 is.  It should be the restaurant's motto or tagline. "So good, you will come just for revenge!"  And simple too.  Some restaurants of this price point like to fancy it up.  When your menu is this good, there is no need.


Mother had the Chocolate Mousse Cake, not normally found on the menu.  Perhaps it's a test run.  Very good and very rich.  You chocolate lovers ought to be over the moon.

What the Disneyland Hotel as a whole does well is its Creme Brûlée.  When I graduated from college, we had my party at the Hotel in the "Sleeping Beauty Pavilion", the dessert being these lovely Creme Brûlée.  And I have to say, Steakhouse 55's dessert lives up to my memories of it.  

Overall, it was a great experience.  To those who bawk at the price, it IS worth it.  Let me add, it's a more adult environment, in the best sense, so if you elect to bring your children, I beg you to help maintain the beauty of the space and keep them piped down (preferably without shoving a tablet or smartphone in their face). 

In all seriousness, Steakhouse 55 is a must do at least once in your life.  I don't know what tax bracket could afford it on a regular basis, but if you are a local, or you're in the area for a family event or birthday, it would be a great idea to introduce your family to a nice little corner of refinement away from the insanity and crowds of the parks.  Speaking of refinement, there is no real dress code, they assume some will be coming directly from the Disney Parks, but you might find it more fun and appropriate to the space to dress up a little.  If you have children like my aunt's kids, they would look forward to the dressing up. 

Did I say last time I was doing ratings on food? 5 out of 5 Mickeys! 

Thank you to everyone willing to hang onto this little blog.  Casey Jr. is heading down the track! Just to reiterate, we'll be slowing down for the summer, but as I can figure out a little content (a lot of movie reviews, we're having a banner summer coming up!) we will keep on trucking.

One last tip about the summer...DON'T GO! Save yourselves! Save your children! Crowds!!!!
Seriously, I just don't recommend it this summer.  With the Rivers of America down for Star Wars construction, and that path from Fantasyland to Frontierland blocked for the same reason, it's just not as much bang for your buck.  Save yourself the trouble and wait for either the special holiday offerings (whether you are of the Halloween or Christmas persuasion), or try to hold off until Star Wars land opens.  At least you'll understand why the crowd is there. 

I hope you all have a good week, stay tuned to either my Facebook or Twitter (or both) for more blog posts and updates. 

M-I-C....See you real soon! K-E-Y....Why? Because it's over! M-O-U-S-E!!! 

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