Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DCA for the Holidays - Trip Report Part 2

Hi, Everyone!

While your pie is in the oven, let's continue looking at what the Disneyland Resort has to offer this holiday season.

The Festival of Holidays is a big review in itself, and frankly, I will probably have more to cover if we wait until next week, so we're going to stick to decor and hold off on specific reviews of the Festival until then.

Disney is featuring the Festival of Holidays prominently. And for good reason (check back for a full review!)

One thing I love about Buena Vista Street, is like Main Street, it adheres to time period in the holiday decor.  While Main Street has a Victorian Christmas, BVS moves into what is accidentally more of a Hollywood Christmas.

Where is Maureen O'Hara when you need her?

And, Yes, I know Miracle on 34th Street is set in New York.....

And the in-period products in the windows....IMAGINEERING for the WIN!

Another great addition is the Elias & Co. decorations portraying the Disney short "Santa's Workshop" from 1932. Again, keeps in period while adding a Disney touch.  But these gorgeous sort of pop-up book decorations inside the shop really set it off for me.

And just for fun...

This update is going to be kind of tree heavy, but DCA has such great variations on the Christmas tree in the park, I kind of couldn't help myself.

And, the park tree! Picture perfect! And I love how it's off in a corner, unlike Disneyland's tree. The little differences between the two parks are kind of nice.

These character decorations under the tree....DISNEY! SELL THESE!!!
(Sometimes I really don't know what merchandising is thinking....just do it!)

LIKE THIS! DISNEY, Gimmie these!

Again, I'll cover the Festival in depth later, but the decor set up is really lovely.

Carsland, however, is kind of the stand out champion of Christmas in DCA. The attention to detail, while still managing to be (for lack of a better term) LADEN with decor takes an already wonderful section of the park and turns it up to 11.

Even the sign gets a change for the holidays.

This tree of Filmore's might be my favorite. Sell these, too, Disney! Sheesh!

Mater's sloppy but heartfelt tree.

Here's my question, is this the ONLY way Sarge could get a star on this tree? I mean....there had to be another option, here...

The Cozy Cone makes good use of their namesake object.

See this, too! How cute! Just a small one!
Amongst my personal Christmas decorations, I have a mini forest of tabletop trees. They don't really match and I like them that way. If I could get this in that size, I'd be happy.

Luigi has made his own leaning tower of tree.

Ramone's (exterior and interior).

Over at Pacific Wharf, I found the buoy adorably decorated.

Ariel's Undersea Adventure.

When I got over to Viva Navidad!, I had just missed the mini parade, but again, I'll cover it in depth later.

While walking towards Screamin', I saw this little stage and wondered what kind of performances were going on. Well, many. I happened to run into the lovely Diwali celebration with Blue13 Dance Company.  Also, while taste-testing, I happened onto a performance by Mostly Kosher. It's really nice to see Disney celebrating all the different holidays together. Again, next post.

These presents were scattered throughout the Paradise Park area. SO cute!

And, for now, that's it. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. See you next week!

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