Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Can I use that curse word now?" - A D23 Discussion

Hello, Everyone

Sorry for the delay in my next post, but lately it seems I try to get my next review up (it's going to be a good one, by the way), and something comes up that I feel I should address...

Which brings me to my next segment, "Can I use that curse word now?" in honor of Inside Out's Anger (though I'm partial to Disgust).

The link above is the announcement that tickets are going on sale for the D23 Expo 2017, on July 14th, which is next week.

There is no significant change in the price for normal tickets, for both D23 members and non-members.  

What I'd really like to discuss is the Sorcerer Package.  Last year, this package was $2,000.  I admit, I previously thought it was only $1,000 for the last Expo.  Still, there is a grievance here I would like to address with D23...

Now, let's just go by last Expo's numbers for a Lou Mongello from WDW Radio would say, "Go with me here..."

If you bought the tickets during the Early Bird period, a three day adult ticket is $104. 
And the Sorcerer Package was $2,000.

Now, this year that package is $2,250.  And don't get me wrong, lots of interesting perks, but why the substantial price difference? 

With a regular ticket, my party (ok, it's my mother and me, but we are rather ruthless, I promise!) spend an incredible amount of time in line for shopping, the Disney Store being the worst offender.  I understand that Disney is most likely trying to price out or somehow deter those who just buy up everything and re-sell it on eBay, but how is this kind of a price difference going to help that? Is it really helping? And then why give so many perks that can be sold on eBay, like the luggage?

Now, this could be just another angry blog from an irate Disney fan, but I'm not mad....I'm disappointed.  Why isn't there a middle ground? I don't want to re-sell anything, I just want to maximize my time.  I don't want to miss out on meeting the cast of Girl Meets World this time..I WANT to go to the presentations (Disney Legends, Animation, Live Action, Theme Parks, etc.) without sleeping outside all night (by the way, I hope y'all are showered at some point in that process.  Another deterrent).  I just don't understand why D23 hasn't worked on a middle ground type package.  I'd even be satisfied to pay more for JUST guaranteed seating to the presentations.

You hear that, Disney? I WANT to pay more money!

I'd sincerely like to know who this Sorcerer Package caters to, because it's certainly not the fans. I even have names for the middle package, free of charge, Disney.  The Broom Package! The Dancing Hippo Package.  The Chernabog Package...???

I cannot be the only person flummoxed by this odd price tier.  Please feel free to leave your comments down below.

Have a great week, talk to you all soon!

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