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Misadventures - I took a Quick Trip for AP Days...and failed.

Hey, there, readers! 

Looks like I might have a few more Mouseketeers lately.  Welcome, all! 

I took a quick trip to DCA on Saturday to pick up an AP button (look at the title for a spoiler alert), but I just thought I'd share things as I went along.  I found a good number of little mysteries and updates. 

I was parked in Daisy, and as I was walking to the escalators, it was quick enough that I got this GREAT view of the lovely Halloween display featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Donald.  Always be mindful of your surroundings, you never know when you're going to find a nice picture spot. 

Downstairs, it seems they are advertising the near end of Tower of Terror.  I said it on Twitter, and I'll say it again....all this hoopla for it feels like Disney is just rubbing it in our faces.  As if to say, "Guess what, it's going and you can't do anything about it!" It just feels wrong.  And I've heard a lot of pushback that it's not Walt Disney World's, that will still be there, and ours has never been as popular. Not so.  It's pretty much always had good lines.

Another point, Tower of Terror has been open at Disney-MGM Studios (just try to get me to call it anything else, I dare you) for 85% of its history.  For DCA, it's been there for 75% of its history.  It survived a massive renovation and re-theming of the park.  It's more beloved than you think, Disney....

On a lighter note, 

For more rantings on the Tower of Terror, read my previous blog post:

The Diamond Anniversary banners have been removed.  I'm noting it mainly because all the blue giving way to the colors totally threw me off for a minute. Kinda funny...

So, I had a quick lunch at Smokejumpers Grill.  It's seating is kind of deceptive.  I found a nice little spot to people watch those waiting for Soarin' (which, sorry, I can't ride until I do with my Uncle Memo, which is why it's been out so long and I haven't mentioned it in any posts).

But just look at the CUTE Halloween cups designed by Disney artist Jeff Granito (

 I mean...LOOK AT IT! 

So, as I walked to Stage 12 towards AP Days, I saw Frozen has moved out of the Muppet Theater...but nothing has moved back in.

I mean, really? Put the darn Muppets back in! Is it going to kill you? Stop this foolishness!
THIS is not the foolishness I'd like to see!

And THIS. Ugh......I know! I know....they own Marvel, gotta make use of the IP, etc. THIS is how I like my Marvel, tucked away in a corner.

Let's get this view in while we got it....I looked at the products they've got out. I didn't take pictures, it was still a little scattered, it seems.  A t-shirt, an ornament....we'll see if they step it up.

Or just, y'know, cancel the closing, I don't know..... *whistles innocently*

I admit, I like the sketch of Stitch.  The Disney Artist sketches tend to run $35-40 for one character (sorry, I didn't look to confirm), so this might be a worthy send off souvenir.

On my way out of the park, I stopped into the Animation Building.  This is truly one of my favorite places in the park.  It's been partially ruined by invaders from Norway (chocolate hoarding invaders) but Disney really needs to take a better look at how to utilize the space for everyone.  Seating is good, but they've shifted things so there is one long bench in the middle of the room.  I supposed so you can look around, but it would be better if they moved all the queues they've got set up, and did the random seating around the edges again.  You didn't feel quite so cramped.

A few years ago, they did a GREAT display for the anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but my understanding is that the space it took up in the lobby upset visitors who just wanted to sit. And then, with Frankenweenie's release, they had a smaller display of the props.  Stop motion is a real art.  It was another fantastic display.

The last really good thing they had in there was the Toy Story Zoetrope. Now THAT was a piece of art.  However, it was removed to make way for.....those nameless sisters (You think I'm sick of Frozen?).  i just hope it's well stored so it can be brought back out.

I'm not sure why they haven't better utilized the space, as I said before.  Turtle Talk obviously still does well (although the announcements really take you out of the lobby displays.  They need to knock that off!), but does the animation show really help educate the public as to what it takes to make an animated film? I mean, it's from's got Mushu in it, for pete's sake.  Renovate that space for retrospectives and revolving displays.

Anyway, here's just a few pictures I snapped in the lobby.  Seriously, get some sourdough bread, (where they give you butter, plastic knives, and napkins now!) a drink, and a friend (because I have done with with my BFF Kaitlyn) and sit for a while.  Enjoy the art work.  I especially love its focus on the backgrounds (like the Pinocchio background of the candle above).  I think it's the best display of animation as art, not just something you sit your kid in front of so they'll shut up.

At Off the Page, I found this fabulous little ornament of Rex in his Partysaurus Rex DJ gear.
Absolute cuteness! 

While Disney has been advertising the Sugar Skull treats on the Disney Parks Blog, these caught my eye.  My grandmother LOVES the Wicked Queen (seriously, her make up goals).

Even if you don't eat them, these are total pieces of art.

The Star Wars construction is right up to the walls near the tram line.  I actually saw my first Disneyland cat in MONTHS in that area.  I'm sure construction has pushed them to somewhere quiet. How dare you, Disney?

But, at the moment, it seems they're taking the opportunity to do a little landscape work.  Hopefully they pick something nice and soft and cat-friendly.

Kanine Krunchies- Cake Pops

So, just a mini food review of the cake pops, just to get a representation of the Halloween offerings.  There will be more down the line, I promise.

That white chocolate, is, in fact, white chocolate.  The cake pops come in vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet, so be sure to ask if you have a preference.  The ears are marshmallows.

Treasure Maps.....

I don't know about you all, but I always grab a map.  I once had a friend who was astonished that I did. "I already know where everything is," was her snotty reply.

Always grab a map and schedule.  You never know when you'll need the information, or you might just be visual like me.

Again, here is the promotion for the demise of Tower of Terror....

And everything you can do to celebrate/protest...

But I found this kind of interesting.....

Disney actually put the Grand Californian on the DCA map, and Storytellers Cafe.

Also, they've been tweeting about discounts through the holidays (or right up to them),

I'm not really sure what this means in the grand (pun just a happy accident) scheme of things, but it's something to keep an eye on.

AP Days

Now, I went over to Stage 12 and there was a long line.  I only wanted a button so I asked a CM (Tara, very nice) if I could do so.  I wasn't really in a mood to meet a character.  She said today they're making you wait in the line.  She was part of the Button crew the previous day and loved it because, let's face it, if you want a button, it's a quick transaction.  if I wanted to I could walk over to the other AP Days station on Paradise Pier.

Wimp that I am, I declined to do so. I didn't intend to be in the parks all that long.

This isn't really a knock on AP Days, don't get me wrong.  I can't really say since I didn't experience it.  But just something to keep in mind.  Tara informed me that the line over in Paradise Pier would most likely be shorter because there are no meet and greets there.

I'm kind of interested in why they're doing AP Days again right now.  I haven't heard anything about any Passholder parties (we love those events!) so I'm guessing this might be some kind of supplement.  We'll see....

Wrapping up..

There you have it, a little mini update.  Things are about to get busy here at the blog with the holidays coming, and me with a little more time. My Uncle Memo, chronicled in the last blog post, got an Annual Pass, so I might have a Vanna White of sorts on my hands.

Coming this week is my review of Pete's Dragon, as well as Build-a-Bear's Elliot.

The post after that (save for a Frolics with Fred) is up to you all.  Please comment below whether you next want a tribute to the 60th or information on the Walt Disney Records Legacy Collection.  That one will be a bit of a rant...but you'll have to see why when you make a choice!

Have a great week!

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