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Gadgets & Gizmos: Disney and the Pin Up Girls

Hi, Everyone!

Today we're going to talk about Disney going retro.  Recently, Disney released a line of vintage dresses inspired by the Disney Parks (link to the Disney Parks Blog post announcing the release).

I wouldn't say this line is "too little too late".  It seems the Disney-infused-vintage...trend? ...craze? aesthetic? is gaining steam at a steady pace.

The dresses are available in Vault 28 at Downtown Disney, and at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs (at Walt Disney World). They are NOT available online, and this is actually a good thing. It was recommended by the Cast Members in the shop that you try on the dresses.  They've had customers come in to exchange the dress because it didn't fit properly. So, my first tip, PLEASE try on the dress in-store and make sure it fits you properly.

Recently, my mother and I took a "research trip" to see what all the fuss was about.

Just kidding, we bought 'em! we bought 'em!

These two dresses are inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean (left, the lace has skulls in it, and there is another skull embroidered on the sash), and the Haunted Mansion.

OK, the Snow White dress is interesting...

The bites in the apples are the dwarfs! You might be asking people to invade your personal space, but it's worth it for the reaction!

We've got Alice and Minnie here.

The Small World dress was kind of a disappointment, fabric-wise. It was more of a silky fabric that is liable to wrinkle easily.  I won't lie, we were happy it didn't make us as giddy as some of the other dresses.  Less money to spend!

Smartly, Disney didn't just make the dresses but had accessories to go with, down to jewelry.

The border at the bottom of this dress has books and...enchanted objects from a certain beastly film.....

AND *drum roll*.....ORANGE BIRD!

For those who don't know, the Orange Bird is a character created by Disney in conjunction with the Florida Citrus Growers, and made appearances in Walt Disney World (click here for more information). Much like Figment, finding Orange Bird in these parts is a rarity! Plus, the style was just who bought it?

Yeah, I did! Yay me, the happy consumer!

While I do love this Hollywood Tower of Terror dress, in light of the monstrosity of a re-theme in DCA, it felt a tad like rubbing salt in the wound...

When you buy a dress, you get this LOVELY garment bag, which enables you to protect your purchase while also humble-bragging it as you carry it through Downtown Disney.

The prices are a little more reasonable than usual Pin Up clothing.  Mine was in the $130 area, so PLEASE use your Annual Passholder discount.  It really makes the price easier to swallow.

One note before we move on....the Tiki Room dress pictured in the Disney Parks Blog post (it's green,  in the right hand photo with the Small World dress) is sold out in both locations, with no definite date as to a new shipment.  So, keep an eye out if that one strikes your fancy.....

You can never have too many pretty dresses...

But what brought on all this vintage pin up demand?

A few years ago, a boutique in Burbank, Pin Up Girl Clothing, licensed work from Disney artist Mary Blair's estate, to create a line of dresses and skirts (and a few accessories such as scarves) for their shop. This is the reason I heard of them, and I've been hooked ever since. (Link to the Mary Blair Collection)

Note: The dresses tend to have female names (the most popular being the Jenny dress and Jenny skirts.) I just want to alleviate any confusion when I name a dress by both its style AND the print/pattern on the dress.

Here I am in the Jenny dress in the Commuters print.  With an unidentified friend.

Here's my mother and I that same day.  Mom's got on the Aurora dress with the Trains print.  The Walt Disney Family Museum actually used that same little train to direct people to special exhibit building when the Mary Blair exhibit was going on. I think they still use it, but i can't be sure.

This is my goddaughter, Naomi, in the Ella dress in one of the Roses prints. She's 13. And I'm old.

Oh, and that's her little sister Olivia....who is built like a linebacker and I don't expect her to be the Pin Up type.

Don't you be deceived by that face!

Unique Vintage! 

Another local boutique (literally a few blocks down from Pin Up Girl) is Unique Vintage, another great place to get your vintage heart a flutterin'.  They also have plenty of merchandise for all your Disney cosplay or Disney Bounding needs. (Link to Unique Vintage's Dapper Days collection)

Hot Topic Gets Into the Game

Now, just since Disney's vintage collection has been released, Hot Topic has also released a set called "Retro Disney" which is similar, but a little more casual, and a little easier on your wallet. 

Coming Attractions

AND Recently, teased some Pin Up-esque pieces with a Star Wars Twist coming to their shop.  At the moment, what they have is a fantastic lightsaber skirt, and a few great dresses with Star Wars landscapes as a border.  I personally own the lightsaber skirt and it's gorgeous! 

I'm hoping this D23 Expo in July (by the way, make sure you follow along while I cover the Expo!), HerUniverse will have the new merchandise so I can take a gander.....and a large shopping bag! 

But Which is Which? 

So, you have a lot of option, but price, quality, and character. You can be subtly Disney, and not-so-subtly Disney....also, FYI, Pin Up and Unique Vintage also have great basics to fill out your wardrobe. And if you find yourself yearning for more vintage outside the Disney purview, well, you're now a vintage addict....

It happens.  We have meetings....

Speaking of meetings...

Dapper Day

Just this weekend, Dapper Days happened at Disneyland.  Not only do people get into their vintage best in the parks, but a whole ballroom in the Disneyland Hotel holds booths and activities attended by Vintage based companies from all over.  I personally didn't attend this year because I'm saving my money for the Expo. But like I said, the Vintage craze is happily growing, and now that Disney is officially in the business, look for it to continue.

A nice note I'd like to wrap up on, Pin Up Girl was invited by Disney for the opening weekend of The Dress Shop (the name they've given this line of dresses) at Disney Springs. It was really gratifying to see that Disney doesn't intend to push out the little boutiques.  Hopefully, Disney will come up with skirts to go with Pin Up Girl's great peasant tops! 

That's it for today.  I hope, for those new to the Pin Up/Vintage world, this has been a good introduction.  Hope to see you in the Parks in your best! 

Do you have any information you'd like to add? PLEASE feel free to comment at the bottom of the post with any of your own pictures from Dapper Day, or just your own purchases from Vault 28 or Pin Up Girl, or wherever you happened to find something unexpected! 

I've got a couple of quick attraction based posts coming up, plus Fred should make an appearance. We're both trying to avoid the parks until the Spring Breakers get themselves out of the parks, then i have a long post coming which will hopefully be thought-provoking.

In the meantime, have a good week! 

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