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Easter Egg Hunting at the Disneyland Resort

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying Disneyland's annual Egg Scavenger Hunt.  I've done it pretty much every year since the event began, so I thought I might give you a few tips.  Also, we're going to look at the little tidbits of interest I picked up along the way...

First, here is the Disney Parks Blog post on the hunt, with most of the information:

I mean, that's some of my work done for me!

But first...Star Wars Land!

It helps the view if you park on Minnie....on my way back to my car, I observed TWO security guards, just watching the progress.

But you see that random wall in the middle of nothing? Those orange dots? Those are people!!!!!

The actual show building.

Big crane!

OK, the number of people with strollers who ignore this sign....A Cast Member should be stationed at the top of the escalator and SMACK a sticker with this notice onto the foreheads of parents who don't seem to pay attention.....

Yes, it's a harsh policy, but these are harsh times, people! Stroller revolution!

Let's Get Down To Business.....

So, here is the map for Disneyland.  You can pick it up either in Disneyana or in the Showcase shop.
If you pick it up in the Showcase, you can elect to immediately get your egg and just do the hunt at your leisure.  Or if you want to play fair, you can wait.

With all the construction and Big Thunder Trail closed down, Disney did a fairly good job at distributing the eggs around the park.  I would advise you to take a minute and look at all the clues first, to develop a game plan. It will be easier on your feet.

Intrigue in Critter Country

While heading through New Orleans, let's look at the Star Wars construction from another angle....

Here is a better shot with the Columbia visible.  The ship is currently going through some refurbishments.  I heard (I think from Jim Hill of I do too much reading, can't remember my sources.*)

Now, here is my story of intrigue.  I am a confessed fence-peeker.  Disney puts up a construction wall and I will press my eyeball up there to see what they are doing. I believe the term is nosy...I prefer curious. Fred is a known fence peeker himself.

So, I was looking and saw the progression on a bridge leading from Critter Country to Star Wars Land.  Great, right? Well, when I put my camera up to take a picture, the screen kept going dark.  I thought for a second I'd put my camera in a bad place in relation to the crack in the construction wall.

I pulled my camera back and saw a hand waving across the crack! Someone was trying to block my shot from the other side!

Now, Disney, I get it, you want us all to mind our own business about how the Theme Park Sausage is made....but about 80% of construction can be seen from either the parking structure, Tarzan's Treehouse, or just over the wall when you're in Critter Country! Simmer down!

Although....if I disappear, please assume Bob Iger has had me kidnapped because I know too much.  Pay the ransom! Pay it!

See? Look? Great view! Rock work! Galactic rock work! ooooooooh!!!!!!

As a payment for listening to my film noir-like story, here is an Easter Egg.  There, you got one off the list and you're not even in the park yet!

As I said, you go to the Disney Showcase shop to redeem your prize.  And if you're an Annual Passholder, you can also get this cute little Mickey egg pin.

The egg you redeem (seen in the Disney Parks Blog Post up top) is maybe three inches tall. It is hollow, but over the years, I've collected a good handful, and they make cute decorations for the season.

California Mis-Adventure

Here's an important tip for y'all....DO NOT do more than one hunt in a will murder your flat square feet. Or your regular feet. DCA's hunt is the same, but I'm not sure if they have a different group of people figuring out where the eggs go. A lot of these clues are LOOSE in their definition.  Also, the park is just....a little wider terrain.  There is just no really efficient way to get through the park.

The maps can be bought at Oswald's, and redeemed in the children's clothing section of Elias and Company.

And before I forget, the maps cost $5.99, plus tax, but this year Annual Passholder discounts apply, so make sure you get that!

Now, I intended to be spoiler free with the eggs, but this one took me 20 minutes to find! The clue says the Disney Animation Building....well, that's a debatable clue. It's not on the facade of the building, but the facade next door.  Technically, the interior of the building is used by the Animation exhibits, but....come on, DCA! You're killing me!

On that note, the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail has both the Chip and Dale eggs.  However, don't go INTO the Challenge Trail.  I talked to a CM after I found the eggs, and since the area closes at 7pm, guests doing the hunt later in the evening complained they couldn't get into the area to find the eggs, so they were moved to the front of the area.

There, I just made your life easy.  You're welcome.

The Horrible Omen of things to come...

The Tower of Terror (or Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Frankenstein) looks awful up close. Just awful. And, Disney, please stop sending poor Joe Rodhe out to justify it. Just stop, it's insulting. Maybe if you let him just do what HE wants, because he's a genius, you wouldn't have to send him like an errand boy to explain this and Pandora: World of Avatar in WDW's Animal Kingdom. 

*steps off my soapbox*

In A Bug's Land, I noticed the building to "It's Tough to be a Bug" could use a little facade work.

Or, y'know, get rid of the land. Seriously, one egg in there....screaming kids....just...a misery.

OK, to be frank, when my goddaughter wouldn't ride anything that went INSIDE a building, we spent a lot of time here and I have post traumatic stress over it.

Final Thoughts

So, that's about it. Please enjoy it, in the parks and in Downtown Disney, until April 16th. 
DCA's hunt always seems a little more like the CMs couldn't figure out where to put anything. It would be nice if Disney extended the event a little more. Maybe all through Lent? 

I'm not really sure if there is much else to criticize at this point.  It's a fun seasonal tradition in the making, a great way to get some exercise and find a little more detail about the parks in sort of an accidental way. 


* Ok, little footnote with a question from my readers.  I tend to listen to a few podcasts and read several different sites where I get information about rumors and not-really-rumors going about the Disney Blogosphere.  I don't always remember my exact sources, but if you want a blog post with my favorite Disney podcasts, etc, let me know in the comments! I'd love to spread the love!

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