Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trip Report: Assisting the Elderly

Hi, Everyone!

I recently took a mini trip into the parks...(look at the title and you'll see why). Anyway, I have a few tidbits and a mini Photo Buffet for you. It's kind of a mishmash, but I hope you all won't mind...

 Gadgets & Gizmos

In the China Closet, where it kind of bleeds into the photo shop, I found a couple of cute snow globes.

First, we have Peter Pan here...very cute.

And this Hitchhiking Ghosts! And instead of glitter, it's got bats! Neat!

Interesting little tip about the Times board on Main Street, it seems, in the mornings, they have a listing of the restaurants that serve breakfast! If you're going to the parks on the fly, this is a quick non-internet way to give you a little more information.  (Top right column, there)

Someone has left the Shower running....

I reported earlier this year the Adventureland restrooms have been closed for a refurbishment, also closing down the Pioneer Mercantile next door (and next land). The ladies' room has re-opened, and, being a lady, I checked it out! 

The men's room is still closed. I guess you all have to wait....

It's got a nice Adventureland theme, with the zebra'd tile.  Classy zebra!

Cute light fixtures.

Did they just steal them from Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida? Be honest, can tell me.

And these sleek slanting sinks! Say that five times fast....

It's a nice refurb that doubled the size of the restroom, and it REALLY needed that size!

Hence, the Pioneer Mercantile....

Its refurb is far more subtle, but has some nice thematic touches.

But why is this light right by the open door? What is it giving light to?! Why?!

Really, the store is the same, but lost a little space on the side where the restrooms are. I don't think anyone is going to lose their mind of this.

Similar lighting in the shop. Stolen from the Wilderness Lodge? Grand Californian?

Recycling, Disney Parks style!

OK, maybe they just realized it's a good look....

The dancing Woody is still there, just shifted closer to the front of the store.

2017 Gadgets....

I'd like to take a moment and show off the 2017 merchandise.  While dated merch has always looked more, shall we say, cheap and tacky, Disney really stepped it up this year.  With a focus on Sorcerer Mickey, the colors and design for everything is actually REALLY cute and subtle. You won't look like a tourist in these!

Mugs. I am allowed no more mugs!

More cups.  I'm not allowed any of those either....why are cups and mugs so tempting?

And over in the former Pendleton shop (still part of Pioneer Mercantile, though, now), they have some cute patriotic Mickey merchandise. 

The mysteries of Tom Sawyer Island

So, walking past the island, repainted and ready for Fantasmic to come back, I noticed this little boat on the shore.  It's new, right? I wonder if it's for the show (projector, maybe) or what.

If you have any theories, or know for show, PLEASE comment on this post and we can all learn together!

Photo Buffet - Pirates at 50

This past weekend, Disney had some merchandise and food to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The refurb gave a nice little facelift to the attraction.

Even the railings in the queue were repainted, and it made a big difference! Everything looked beautiful.

Who's this guy? Is he important?

Now THIS guy looks like a Pirate!

The boats were changed out to a mold similar to the Small World boats...the only negative difference I can give is was fewer fireflies in the Blue Bayou scene, and none in the little area before you get off the boat.  Those are such a great, simple, Disney-esque effect. I hope they just didn't get those ordered in time or something.

Doesn't Imagineering have Amazon Prime?

It's hard to take pictures in here...I need more practice.

"Don't tell him, Carlos! Don't be CHEEKIN!"

So....who's that guy in the barrel?

For months, last year, the donkey was missing. And I thought the dog was, too...everyone is back to work now!

Seriously, why do I keep seeing this guy?!

Remember that period where the map had lights and the writing in the map would disappear and reappear? I'm glad they got rid of that...too much.

Is the tree supposed to be weeping willow-esque or is Disney dressing it up? Someone go get a tree surgeon!

Over at the Haunted Mansion, they've got these little covered pylons and CMs guarding them.  My understanding (I believe from Micechat) is these are going to be for our version of Fasthpass+.


Spring has brought the blooms in the trees all over the resort.

Matterhorn is still down, also for Fastpass installation.

But the flowers in the area don't know that!

They still have the Yeti footprint over near the entrance, but they added one over here. Nice way to draw curious guests over. Even if it is behind the fence.

Disney so often finds a way to make the refurbishment walls interesting.

Another random thing....we didn't get to ride the Monorail. Only the Orange one seemed to be running.  Any information, anyone?

And, with Spring Breaks coming, more characters tend to be out and about.  We were so happy to see a Penguin from Mary Poppins!

More pretty flowers on Main Street.

Disneyana tidbits - Old Friends 

I like to wander through Disneyana, and found available character portraits...princesses, the redhead from Pirates...and Figment!

For those who don't know, Figment is essentially the mascot of Epcot in Walt Disney World.  He first appeared in 1983 (officially) in the Journey into Imagination attraction at the Imagination Pavilion. While the current iteration of the ride is a mere shadow of the original, Disney has given him space in other venues to charm and enchant generations....including my very grouchy godfather!

Whenever he happens to show up here, it's a nice surprise!

(And here's a nice video to introduce him to you!)

And here was a little friend I also found in Off the Page in DCA.  This is Amos, the little hero of the 1953 short "Ben and Me," Ben being Benjamin Franklin.  It's really nice the artists who create these works for the park seem to get a lot of freedom of subject.  You get to see the real Disney geeks show their colors...

And here is a video of Ben and Me, it's a little hard to get on DVD, I think...

That's it for today, have a good week and weekend!

Again, please feel free to comment below if you have questions, concerns, subjects you'd like me to cover, comments, random's always nice to get feedback.

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  1. Ok I want the Peter Pan snow globe! I haven't decided on the hitchhicking ghosts. What is the second pirates name? It looks like Sir Francis Verry or something like that. And how dare you say he looks more like a pirate than Captain Jack? Sue