Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wrapping up AP Days: Bits from around the Land

Good morning, Everyone!

Just a quick final peek at AP Days and a sort of "final thoughts".

Side note, if you're in the Market House getting your Starbucks, listen to the party line while you wait!

Gadgets & Gizmos

And....while on my way to the Starcade, I walked though the China Closet shop and saw this beautiful little line of Peter Pan merch.

They've got these nice little bowls....

a mug and what looks like a vase.  It was hard to tell, but cute is cute, right?

And with another design, you've got this tall mug.

....a very pretty frame....

...and then matching dish towels.

AP Days - Thank God I'm a Country Bear

So, the last recipe was for "Fantasia Cheesecake".  I'm looking forward to trying it at some point, see how it is.  And Elliot graces the final button. 

Last week and this week, the Country Bears have been the meet and greet characters available.  Makes me happy.....

Wendell and Liver-Lips were great fun to watch.

And characters are entirely happy to have you take their picture....without you.

Another little diversion, the outside patio at Redd Rocket's is closed for some reason. So, just be aware when you go in for your cardboard pizza....

 Kanine Krunchies - The Light Side

I tried out the "Light Side" lemonade at the Galactic Grill (normally Tomorrowland Terrace).

It's Lemonade.  Let's not question how they made it green. 

It was actually kind of nice and refreshing.  Next time I'll try the "Dark Side", which is strawberry lemonade (it is not green...)

The Light Side comes with a Millennium Falcon in your drink, the Dark Side a Death Star.

Please, don't accidentally swallow either.

And, on my way out of the park, I noticed some painting going on down Main Street.  It's always nice to see constant upkeep.

AP Days - Final Thoughts

After experiencing AP Days for four weeks, there are benefits and drawbacks.  The lounge area and screenings are always a good and useful perk.  The merchandise left something to be desired (I'm sure they're left with MANY AP wine glasses....).  While Disney gets that character interaction is a good part of AP Days, they kind of phoned it in this time around....

This...rush job on the Starcade made me wonder when Disney will just bite the bullet and make a lounge space for would be nice to have a space to just relax in quiet, with the mess the parks are these days crowd-wise. I'm not saying APs "deserve" something more, but I could see the benefit of it.  Charging stations, drinks and snacks, respite from the crowd. 

Also, I was surprised, on my last visit, on the number of uninformed APs. I happened to be in line to get into AP Days behind a pair who had no idea of what this event entailed or knowledge of any other upcoming events. That left them open to being lectured by a "gentleman" who seemed to (at least in his mind) know everything about being an AP...and while he directed them to the Disneyland website, he neglected to mention all this information is available on the Disneyland AP twitter and Facebook feeds. That's a little more real time....

I could continue with interesting eavesdroppings (I hope that's a word....) from my time in AP Days, but perhaps that's for another time.  I think it's an open secret that part of the crowding issue IN the parks lies with the Annual Passholders, so how AP Days figures into that, I'd be interested to find out. The motivation behind an action or event isn't always clear, and with APs, a polarizing group of Disney fans (again, another conversation) the mystery still stands. 

I suddenly feel as if I talked myself around in a circle....

If you have anything you'd like to add about AP Days or the Annual Passholder "culture", in general, please feel free to add your comments at the bottom of the post.  I'd like the blog to be interactive, so if you feel like I missed a point, or you'd like to add a point of view, please let me know! 

And, that's it for now.  I will be in the parks on Friday to try out the Food & Wine Festival, so keep your eyes to the blog, probably Monday...

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