Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty - Pieces of Eight

Hello, everyone!

This is just a short post to give you some nice little merchandise finds I unearthed (like it was hard!) while browsing through Pieces of Eight in New Orleans Square.

The "Gadgets & Gizmos Aplenty" segments don't intend to be comprehensive, but Disney has so many interesting avenues when it comes to merchandising their various franchises, I just like to share the stuff I find different or unusual.

Also, if you wanna buy me any of this.....for research.......
What? You don't believe me? Try me!

You wouldn't think Pirates of the Caribbean would make for a good plush collection, but even Disney can surprise me.  The parrot is actually really adorable.

And the puppy (with the key) is part of the line of "babies" Disney's been doing with their little baby blanket.  It's a cute set of plush, and I admit, I enjoy seeing the creativity used to give the character...talismans from their story in their baby blankie.

I'm a big fan of these sets of simple figures you seem to only find in the Parks. Just a nice basic group of characters, and let your kid use their imagination from there.  I got a lot of mileage out of stuff like that as a kid.  Nice to see Disney keep them up, AND create a Pirates set that doesn't have to do with the movies.

No offense to the movies, I rather enjoy them.  Anyone else looking forward to Dead Men Tell No Tales?

OK, these are the living end! Pie-eyed Mickey and Minnie as Pirates?!?! Adorable! I really had to resist buying them!

And Pluto as the dog with the keys on top of it! They think of everything! they say....

Have a good week!

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