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Kanine Krunchies: Red Rose Taverne

Happy Monday, Everyone!

On Friday, I was able to get a fairly comprehensive look at the new Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland.

Just to catch you all up, it is not a new restaurant so much as an overlay of Pinocchio's Village Haus, intended to celebrate (and promote) the upcoming live action release of Beauty and the Beast. Maybe you heard about it.....(March 17th.  St. Patrick's Day).

However, since I got to the parks early on a Friday, with my mother, grandmother, great-uncle and great-aunt (senior count: 3), I was not 100% in control of the day.  But that led to a more comprehensive review for you, and interesting content for a little while! Consider them all my support team!

OK, this is Adventureland at 9 am.....

The Adventureland restrooms are still under refurbishment.  Just FYI, you can head either to the Rancho De Zocalo restrooms (tiny, though), the Main Street restrooms near Star Tours (a little closer than the Carnation Cafe) OR.....if you're going to the Tiki Room anyway, they do have a little tiny restroom.

I don't think I've ever seen Adventureland this empty in daylight.

Granted once we got off the Jungle Cruise, there were already a bunch of strollers parked there.

Moana didn't seem to do be doing meet & greets outside the Oasis as usual, but coming back from the Haunted Mansion, she was in front of Tarzan's Treehouse.  Now, even for what was a quiet period, it was causing a bit of a traffic jam, so I'm not sure who let that happen.

Just another quiet view.

And just a little jaunt around New Orleans Square.

Look! A quiet Indiana Jones! Again, we're in unicorn territory!

The Main Event: Be Our Guest! 

Now, that you're in the mood.....

So, like I said, the Village Haus is currently being re-themed...temporarily to support the release of the live action Beauty and the Beast. Friday was the first day of operation, and God Bless the Cast Members, they were working their behinds off.  Lines were out the door, so please pack your patience. 

Quick banners on all signs, but still very nice.

Now, while I don't mind the re-theme...temporarily, I do love the original Pinocchio theme. It just has always maintained that old school Imagineering look.  While Imagineering does so well these days at being on model, as they call it, Disneyland's design has always had its own aesthetic that is comforting and singular.

Look! It's Gaston!

(Btw, I did catch him in passing in Fantasyland. Y'know, while riding a sea of screaming toddlers and  harassed parents.)

He really does use antlers in all of his decorating......

And the frescos I love (would you call them frescos in this case?) were quickly and efficiently covered with beautiful backgrounds from the original 1991 animated film. Again, nice, not complaining, but concerning in their own way.

I know, I know, change is good. It's just not always easy.

The lovely Pinocchio figure in the center of the restaurant has been replaced with a nice little rose display.  It doesn't have an equal visibility factor, though. Y'know...clear glass....

Again, nice overlay.

I just wanted to show a little bit more of the detail they didn't cover up.

Funny how easy it is to go from Italian Provincial to French Provincial, huh?

Cute little rice crispy treats! I just kind of wonder how they get the pictures on there......

The menu boards, while digital, didn't have their frames replaced.  So they are still Pinocchio themed. the food.   Let's just start with the question on everyone's lips. How's the grey stuff?

It's delicious!

Don't believe me?

Well, go try it yourself then!
(That's the line, right?)

In all seriousness, I've been wondering about the grey stuff ever since it appeared at the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. To take ONE line from the song and help flesh out the world like that....perfection. And it tasted wonderful.

Inside was a lovely and moist red velvet cake, and a whole little raspberry! The sugar cookie base was a nice little finish.  I'm not big on the desserts in the Disneyland restaurants, but this might be a sign things are heading in a new direction.

The other dessert is the Lemon Rose cake, which wasn't my cup of tea, but still a nice dessert with a BEAUTIFUL presentation.

It's got another fanciful strawberry filling.

I had the Slow-Cooked Beef Poutine.  Now, I hadn't had poutine at all before, so I was being about as brave as I get.  The cheese curds were interesting, and the waffle fries a little soggy.  I saw this complaint on Instagram, and I think it was just misunderstanding of the dish.  Personally, I kind of agree, I'm not a fan of soggy, but it wasn't the restaurant's fault so much as that seems to be the tradition with poutine, which I believe is Canadian.

All the pieces were very good though, especially the slow-cooked beef.  It was tender and flavorful.  So, depending on how you feel about poutine, it's all good.

This was the Beast's Burger, with garlic fries.  My grandmother was raving about it even a day later.  The meat was very good and the ciabatta-like bun was a great match.  Not to mention the garlic fried were great.  If they revert back to the Pinocchio theme, they should keep the garlic fries.

This is the Classic Angus Burger, dressed up with the garlic fries.  It's nice to have a more simple staple on the menu for the less daring.

THIS is the Poutine Flatbread.  Yes, with fries ON it.  My great-aunt (and she's pretty great, and a darn good sport this day!) said it was also very good.  They're really scoring with the meat, here.

My mother was responsible and had the Chef's Chopped Salad.  It actually has shredded apples in it! The dressing was an odd vinaigrette type concoction, but also very good.  She described the salad as very light and bright.  It's a great alternative to some of the salads in-park.

A Note on AP Days

I didn't get to"explore" AP Days really this week, but here's the recipe card and button for the week, resetting on Friday. The recipe is from the old Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship, talk about a blast from the past! I'm not a seafood person myself but I still greatly appreciate the effort to get a true old park recipe!

Also, as to the characters to meet this week, they've got the Country Bears! Now, the Bears were making appearances during the Festival of Holidays, so it's nice to see Disney understanding the demand over here.  Listen, y'all brought Captain EO back......can we get a little Bear action? You're gonna need something back in Critter Country when Star Wars Land opens.........I'm just sayin'!

I think for now, that well does it.  If you have any questions, particularly about Red Rose Taverne, PLEASE feel free to comment below, it's really easy. I'll be back on during the week with a few other things, and I don't think I can hold Fred back from a post much longer.  He's getting kind of antsy....if rabbits get antsy.....

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