Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through Photo Buffet!

Hi, everyone!

This week's AP Days update is going to come one day late due to unforeseen circumstances, but in the meantime, let's take a nice little walk INTO Sleeping Beauty Castle to see the Walk Through.

Sometimes, I wonder if the every day, non-AP guest even knows this nice little attraction is tucked into the castle. But then again, it was hard to take pictures for all the people plowing through!

An interesting tidbit for the uninformed....the Castle was named for Sleeping Beauty despite the fact that the park opened in 1955, and the film wouldn't be released until 1959.  While the movie was struggling both financially and in terms of the time it took to make (but you'll agree it was worth the effort), Walt thought ahead to create a little synergy....and I bet Michael Eisner still thinks he invented that concept!

For anyone's information, there is an version of the attraction for handicapped guests, but it might just be easier for you to go home and watch the bonus feature on the Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray and DVD, which is a virtual recreation....because that's what it is....you sit in a little room and watch that. Just wait until you get home!

BUT, if you are physically able...experience this attraction!

The detail in this attraction is only matched by the film itself.  The art director for the film, Disney Legend Eyvind Earle was brought in when the Walk Through was originally done in 1957.

Another fun fact: on hand for the opening was Shirley Temple, who by then was a young married lady, so she was Shirley Temple Black.

The latest iteration of the dioramas makes use of projections.  It's allowed for a far more exact and on-model version of the characters.

To take a look for comparison, please head over to Yesterland, a great resource for attempting to remember things you once saw in the parks.

However, with the use of technology, the displays still mimic the limited movement, giving the attraction an old world charm without being too hokey.

In case you came to Disneyland and didn't know the story of Sleeping Beauty....

Even the window frames are made to give a real veracity to the displays, as if you are actually peeking into the story as it unfolds.

See? Tiny little halls. Watch your step!

And don't forget to look all around you.  Here we are, back at my light fixture fixation.....

This little moment, where all the kingdom has been put to sleep by the three Good Fairies, is one of my favorites.  The detail in here is just astonishing for something a lot of people look at for about 10 seconds.

I just adore this little cat and mouse getting comfy!

And if you pass by too fast, you miss the Fairies putting out the lights, until Briar Rose/Aurora awakens from her Cursed sleep.

It's interesting....they sort of front-load the story, then give Maleficent her own section of the castle.

It works because the whole area is a little darker...and attempting to alternate between the "main" story and the "B" Story might have taken away from that.

This little display was hard to photograph...but another interesting piece of trivia....

Imagineer Tony Baxter once told a fabulous story about how these roses were needed at the last minute....so a couple of Imagineers were sent to a nearby Michael's craft store to get as many of these flowers as they could get.

Yep...Michael's flowers, everyone. Magic! *throws glitter*

And, that's our look at a classic attraction.  Come back on Thursday for more news on AP Days, and hopefully a look at the Village Haus' celebration of the upcoming live action remake of Beauty & the Beast.

Have a great day!

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  1. Don't know what I enjoyed more... the photos or the running commentary! Sue