Saturday, January 7, 2017

Frolics with Fred: Friends and Popcorn

Hello, Bunny Lovers!

It's the last weekend of the Holidays at I went to visit my friend Mickey. You know, he's a good friend of mine.

I was near Small World and I happened to run into him! I said, "Hey, Mick!" and came over to give him a hug...he wouldn't talk to me! I thought, "Someone's fame has gone to his head!"

And that's when I was a popcorn bucket of Mickey...Not the actual Mickey.

I guess carrots aren't actually all that good for your eyesight...

Anyway, this is the last weekend you can get the popcorn Mickey so....go get him! He's not the real thing, but the real thing doesn't dispense popcorn either.

Have a Hoppy Week!

Love, Fred 🐰

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