Friday, December 16, 2016

Frolics with Fred: Holiday Security

Dear Readers,

Hi, Everyone! Fred here!

Man, sometimes I'm so grateful to be in the Disneyland Parks...mostly because security is tough. Even when you're a bunny rabbit!

I can't even use my striking good looks anymore! Being 25...well, I'm not as white and fluffy as I used to be.  And my mint green bow...well,...let's not talk about that! I'm distinguished now.

The other day, we came into the parks, and the security who searched Mariah's backpack, Armando, gave us BOTH a funny look.

What's the matter, buddy? You never seen a bunny in a backpack before?

People, these days.

Anyway, go look at all the fun stuff we did! Have a Happy Hoppy week!

Love, Fred

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